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We are a group of people from different regions, cultures, races, religions, sexs, political views, who came together to start this grassroots initiative to restore humanity with its beauty, flaws and frailty. We believe that everyone, on all political, religious, cultural spectrums, deserve to have a voice.


Unlike the Woke who believe in free speech ONLY if you agree with them. We believe that freedom of speech is the foundation to all other basic rights. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and there should be a civilized debate to communicate with those of opposing ideas. Today, the Woke, Social Justice Warriors, the Politically Correct, the Cancel Culture, are spreading among our societies like cancer; therefore we need to be the Samaritans to stop the disease. We need to bring back open mindedness, creativity, tough skins, and above all our good old comedy. The Woke are imposing their one-sided views of the world on everybody else under pretense of social activism.

We are the ones who will draw the line, we are the ones who will hold the fortress, and we are the ones who will restore humanity. 


We are global users who resist the Wokes ideological push virtually through discussion, communication and education.

We listen, acknowledge and make them aware that they, as well as we, are all entitled to our own beliefs without imposing it on the other. We respond respectfully and with facts.

Cancel Culture is toxic and it’s only getting worse. It has hurt thousands of people. People lost their jobs, reputations and families due to the Wokes exaggerated reactions.



Simply by commenting or replying back to any Woke post, picture, status, blog, article, etc…

Educate… Educate… Educate. Share articles, posts, books, studies, documentaries and anecdotes to educate the community.

Send us your thoughts and stories.

Or by donating below to help us keep doing what we are doing.